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From more small group departures to more on-tour sightseeing choices, innovation reigns supreme at Tauck as we continue to enhance our programs and the guest experience year after year. Take a look at what's new –

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Porto, Portugal

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No matter how often you travel to our favorite destinations, we always find new treasures and new ways to experience them. From exclusive included activities, new hotels, culinary treats, and on-tour experts... each journey is meticulously orchestrated to enrich your experience and time in the destination year after year. 

Join us for a peek at Portugal's golden Douro River, home to our newest river cruises

Back to the romance of 20th-century rail travel

Evoking the Golden Age of European train travel

Your rail journey aboard Golden Eagle Danube Express transports you not only through Central Europe, but also back to the “golden age” of European rail travel of the early 20th century, when traveling by train was the most romantic way to explore the Continent. It all starts in your well-appointed cabin, where coordinated fabrics, wood-paneled walls and brass fittings evoke the glamour of the “age of steam.” When you leave your cabin, the elegance of a bygone era continues in the Bar Lounge Car – the social heart of the Danube Express and a great place to relax and meet with friends – and on the train’s vintage-style restaurant cars, featuring fine food, great wines and attentive service.

After-hours Valley of the Kings visit

A private, after-hours visit to the Valley of the Kings

Occupying a site west of the Nile River in Egypt’s Theban Necropolis near modern-day Luxor, the Valley of the Kings contains more than 60 identified tombs created for Pharaohs and noble families more than 3,000 years ago. Your Tauck travels include a private, after-hours visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site… including entry to the complex’s most famous tomb of them all, discovered intact in the 1920s… that of the “Boy King,” Tutankhamun!

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Discover Bonorong and its many indigenous species.

To some of the animals, Tasmania is the only home they've ever known... to others, it is their last home on Earth. Enter Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, a place to help Tasmania's fragile wildlife and ecology, with a goal focused on giving back to the surrounding Tasmanian environment. Here, you have the opportunity to meet kangaroos, koalas, wombats, cockatoos, bettongs, the notorious Tasmanian Devils and much more, all while learning about the philosophy behind the sanctuary and the people who run it.

The 2020 Oberammergau Passion Play

Experience the 2020 Oberammergau Passion Play with Tauck

Produced every ten years by the citizens of the Bavarian Alpine village of Oberammergau since the 1630s, the Oberammergau Passion Play (Passionsspiele) has become a beloved highlight of every decade for people all over the world. Today, about 2,000 of the village’s 5,000 or so residents take part in a high-tech, 21st-century version of this revered tradition. In 2020, join Tauck to experience Passion Play in person – featuring premier seating, private tours of must-see sights and attractions, premium accommodations and more.


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Call us, or call your travel advisor, to book your preferred departure date today – and explore our beautiful brochures to find your inspiration for your next journey.

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